Vitals & ECG Integration

Vitals & ECG Integration

Vital Signs and ECG devices can be efficiently integrated with AMiS. These integrations make the use of multiple mobile stands, logins and patient identifications unnecessary. The information of the vital signs device is displayed on the AMiS monitor and the EWS (Early Warning Score) is automatically calculated. All measurements are stored in the correct patient file in the EPR.

“The heart rate or blood pressure is now automatically stored in our EPR system. This saves time and minimizes the risk of errors.”

Melissa van der Knaap

Obstetrics nurse, Reinier de Graaf Hospital

AMiSconnect ViTALS

AMiSconnect enables the communication with vital signs and ECG devices and stores the measurements automatically in the correct patient file in the EPR. This saves time for the nurse and improves safety!

Benefits AMiS-PRO + AMiSconnect

Benefits AMiS-PRO + AMiSconnect

+ Nurse has all functionalities in one cart
+ Measured values automatically stored in the correct EPR

+ Values are displayed on the AMiS monitor
+ Measured values are directly available in the correct EPR

Up to 15 minutes time
saving per nurse per shift

Patient Safety

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