New Phlebotomy carts for Erasmus MC

The old phlebotomy carts at Erasmus MC began to show various malfunctions. Dead batteries, laptops shutting down, drawers refusing to open. The phlebotomy coordinators of the Clinical Chemistry department at Erasmus MC were flooded with complaints. Eventually, they engaged in discussions with Alphatron Medical. An intensive period of development and testing of a new phlebotomy cart commenced. The result is impressive: an AMIS phlebotomy cart developed to meet the needs and requirements of Erasmus MC, exceeding all expectations.

“The term ‘cart’ is almost a bit too cheap for what we have here now. This is a big change compared to what we had: a bare cart with a laptop on top, a handheld scanner, a printer, and a unit containing blood tubes, syringes, and needles for blood collection. We worked with these carts for years. But in the end, they were literally written off, completely worn out. The laptops were outdated, with too small screens, and the carts started to show malfunctions. The batteries simply wouldn’t charge properly anymore. There were multiple IT malfunctions daily, printers stopped working, and handheld scanners refused to cooperate. We really needed something new. We could have solved the battery problem by providing the laptops with new batteries, but the laptop still wouldn’t meet our needs. Additionally, our Infection Prevention Unit told me that the carts no longer met the infection prevention guidelines and would therefore be rejected. Replacement was urgently needed.

Meander Happy nurse with AMiS-PRO all in one clinical cow

‘Our new AMiS phlebotomy carts… WE LOVE THEM!’

Coordinators of the Clinical Chemistry department

Erasmus MC, University Hospital

Introduction to AMiS
In the search for a successor to the old phlebotomy carts, René Hengst (consultant at the IT department) didn’t rush into anything. He visited several hospitals. Eventually, he ended up at the Rotterdam-based Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland, where he first saw an AMiS from Alphatron. “They were positive about the AMiS there, and I contacted Alphatron. We then told them our wishes and requirements for the new phlebotomy cart. This ranged from robustness and specific IT requirements to ergonomics (adjustable height!) and a nice design; after all, appearance matters too. Alphatron Medical introduced the idea of AMiS as a phlebotomy cart. We decided to develop a pilot cart: a phlebotomy cart based on our wishes,” says the IT consultant.

This was followed by a development and testing process. In this process, Alphatron developed various specific features tailored to the wishes of Erasmus MC. This includes, for example, the position of the trash can and the placement and attachment of the hand sanitizer pump. Another example is the specially designed holder for the label printer, to keep it in place.

Also, at our request, Alphatron developed a glove holder. We wanted to have the most compact glove rack possible at the back of the AMiS, containing three different sizes of gloves. The result is impressive. And our Infection Prevention Unit thought so too. The phlebotomy cart fully complied with the infection prevention guidelines; infection prevention is therefore guaranteed.”

Meander Happy nurse with AMiS-PRO all in one clinical cow

Also Attention to IT
The wishes of Erasmus MC were also honored in the realm of IT. Explicit attention was given to the desktop PC’s battery and software. The computer on the AMiS operates with the same program as the computers we use in outpatient care. This is crucial because we work digitally at the bedside, and all data is immediately stored on the central server. Naturally, we wanted a desktop PC with a 24-inch screen on the new cart, so all information is visible at a glance. And a screen that can rotate, so you can see where you’re going while driving. This is particularly helpful in pediatric departments. Logging in is also much safer now. In the old setup, everyone could log in with the same password account. This is no longer possible. Access to the desktop on this AMiS can now only be made with a staff ID.


When we were still using the old phlebotomy cart, we received daily complaints and negative comments about it. The scanner would malfunction, a drawer would fall out, the screen would go black… we received many complaints and comments. People were simply getting frustrated. It was no longer fun. And now… we haven’t received any complaints, we hear nothing! That’s actually very good! No news is good news! Our new AMiS phlebotomy cart… we’re really happy with it!

Meander Happy nurse with AMiS-PRO all in one clinical cow

Working safer and more efficient?

Our safe and efficient solution for nurses consists of the mobile care station AMiS-PRO with integrated medication solution MedSafe Individual and Vital Signs solutions. The AMiSconnect software fully connects the AMiS-PRO with the EHR.


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