With AMiSconnect, the AMiS, the integrated devices and the medication solution are connected to the digital hospital environment. This enables integration of the intelligent AMiS technologies and connected devices to every EHR system. The fully integrated solution leads to an optimized nursing workflow and improved patient safety.
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AMiSconnect is designed as a middleware software platform between AMiS and the EHR-system. Depending on the situation in the hospital, specific applications can be installed.


1. myHeight

AMiSconnect myHeight adjusts AMiS automatically to the correct ergonomic working height of the nurse. As the user preferences are centrally stored, the nurses have their personal working height available on every AMiS in the hospital. An ergonomic working posture is guaranteed.


AMiSconnect ViTALS automatically stores vital signs measurements in the correct patient file. The software is started directly from the EHR and connects to the vital signs monitor and retrieves the data. The measured values are presented on the AMiS monitor for easy interpretation. After validation, the measurements are automatically stored in the correct patient file. This reduces the risk of mistakes and prevents nurses from copying measured values multiple times.

3. MedSafe

AMiSconnect MedSafe opens the patient-specific medication bin directly from the EHR-system. By pressing a button in the EHR, AMiSconnect MedSafe is triggered. It connects to the intelligent medication solutions and automatically opens the bin of the currently selected patient. User authorizations can be centrally managed through the AMiSconnect platform. Medication safety is improved and the nursing workflow is significantly optimized.

Fleet manager blue

4. Fleet Manager

AMiSconnect Fleet Manager provides real-time insight in the technical status of all AMiS. In case of malfunction, IT staff can easily trace the problem and prevent unnecessary troubleshooting on the ward. This saves a lot of time and enhances the service-level that can be provided.  Based on the real-time and historical data, the IT department gains insight in the long-term capabilities of the AMiS.  This facilitates pro-active maintenance and service of the AMiS to minimize interruptions of the nursing workflow.



AMiSconnect facilitates full EHR connectivity. Standardized communication based on HL7 is used for exchanging information. Through an API, the AMiSconnect middle-ware can be connected to the EHR and provides full control directly from the EHR. Nurses keep focus on one leading software system and can work without distraction in one workflow: they log-in only once and identify the patient only once!

Device connectivity


AMiSconnect enables connectivity of multiple hardware devices to the EHR system. The AMiS solutions like MedSafe can be easily connected, but also 3rd party measurement devices can be integrated through AMiSconnect ViTALS. Multiple brands of vital signs equipment can be connected.

AMiSconnect Management Dashboard

The AMiSconnect Management Dashboard provides a real-time overview of all actions during the nursing process. Pharmacists have real-time insight into the entire medication process and gain control over the closed-loop, from pharmacy to the patient’s bedside. In addition, the AMiSconnect management Dashboard offers graphical statistics for intuitive insight into nursing processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does AMiSconnect as middle-ware mean?

AMiSconnect is designed as a middle-ware software platform. Integration in the EPR-system can be configured using the AMiSconnect platform, for example to open medication bins directly from the EPR. Full control of AMiS is available directly from the EPR system without additional user interfaces.

Which devices can be connected?

Multiple devices and brands are supported. This enables an optimized nursing workflow through one connectivity platform. Contact us for more detailed information about device compatibility.

Which EHR systems can integrate with AMiSconnect?

AMiSconnect is open for integration with any EHR system. We have existing integration with Epic, Chipsoft HiX, ViPharma and multiple other EHR, medication- and nursing systems. As integration is established through standardized communication, AMiSconnect can easily connect to other EHR-systems as well.

How is user management done in AMiSconnect?

User management can be easily done through an integration with the existing Active Directory in the hospital. Alternatively, the central AMiSconnect User Management system can be used.

How can users log-in in AMiSconnect?

Users can authenticate in the software in multiple ways. The best workflow can be achieved with an EPR-integration. When the user clicks the integration button, we receive the user-information through our API. 

If a stand-alone workflow is used, users can log-in via:

  • SSO Provider connection
  • Employee badge
  • Pincode
Can AMiSconnect be used in our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

Yes, Virtual Desktop Infrastructures are supported. AMiSconnect only requires central installation, making it perfectly compatible to VDI environments.

How does AMiSconnect integrate with our EHR-system?

Data integration

Our software connects to the EHRsystem for up to date patient demographics and storage of vital observations.
This integration* is achieved via the standardized HL7 protocol:

  • HL7-ADT (Patient demographics)
  • HL7-ORU (Vital observations storage)

* This integration on information-level is required for the MedSafe-IL and ViTALS app

Workflow integration

By implementing a button in your EHR-software, the AMiSconnect applications can be used directly from the EHR. This eliminates double log-in for the nurse and double identification of the patient.