Simplify and streamline hospital workflows

 We developed the AMiS, a mobile carestation, to simplify and streamline the daily routines of nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. This way, they can devote more time and attention to their core task: providing care to their patients. We emphasize efficiency and effectiveness, focusing on the digital revolution in nursing. 

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Our vision

The workflow in healthcare can be optimized. For instance, patient rounds are inefficient and there is hardly time for personal attention. By taking full advantage of the (digital) possibilities offered by an integrated workstation, this can be improved. Working smarter, faster, safer.

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Over the years many healthcare professionals have integrated AMiS in their workflow. Curious about their experience with AMiS? Read their cases.

where to buy

Where to buy

AMiS is available everywhere in Europe and is distributed through our reseller network. Interested in AMiS and its solutions?

AMiS Solutions is a company of Alphatron Medical Innovations