Omnicell XT integration

AMiS-PRO and Omnicell XT are seamlessly integrated. This improves the medication safety up to the patient’s bedside, by providing a closed-loop medication workflow.

Connecting the systems together reduces the time spent on walking from medication room to patient and the time spent on logging-in and selecting patients in different systems.

The full integration capabilities enable an optimal workflow for nurses while ensuring medication safety and complete traceability.

Medication workflow from
pharmacy to patient’s bedside

Securing last 50 meters to the patient’s bedside.

Automatic Dispensing Cabinet in the ward

  • Automated top-up and restock for all medication
  • Fast & LED-guided medication picking​
  • Optimized inventory
AMiS-PRO smart cart at patient bedside

  • Secure medication transport from ADC to patients ​​
  • Patient identification by scanning the wrist band​​
  • Prepare round of medication for all patients at once

Step by step workflow: watch the video

  • Drive with AMiS-PRO to the Omnicell XT cabinet and log-in. Start picking the medication that is prepared in the queue.  The dedicated patient-specific bin on the AMiS-PRO smart cart is automatically opened
  • At the patient’’s bedside, open the right patient file in the EHR. Open the patient-specific bin with one press of a button, directly from the EHR. 

Overall benefits

Seamless and unique integration between ADC
and smart cart 
  • Full integration capabilities enabling complete traceability and always
    up-to-date information in EHR
Improved medication safety until the patient bedside 
  • Reduce the risk of medication errors 
  • Led-guided dispensing at ADC 
  • Unique integration between ADC XT and smart cart AMiS 
  • Patient medication secured in patient specific bin 
  • Medication access only for authorized staff 


Saving nursing time by removing inefficient
medication administration workflow
  • Increased time spent with the patient. 
  • Enhanced nurse experience by reducing numbers of steps between patients and medication room.  
  • Medication is picked for all patients in one streamlined and secure workflow.  
  • Nurses access medication bins, directly from the EHR. No additional systems to be used, not additional logging in.  


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