Optimize your nursing workflow

Optimize your nursing workflow

Our AMiS solutions provide a better workflow in nursing. Daily tasks can be optimized using all-in-one clinical care stations fully connected to the Electronic Patient Record. This saves the nurse a significant amount of time, improves patient safety, and supports closed-loop medication management.

Improved Safety
Up to 40 min time saving
Improved Safety

We connect with every EHR 

Improved Safety
Closed loop medication safety
Improved Safety
Improved patient safety

Our solutions

Medication dispensing

The MedSafe medication dispensing solution is the smartest solution for the last
50 meters of the closed-loop process.

Vital signs measurements

With ViTALS, you can connect your vital signs monitor with AMiS, providing full connection to the EHR system.

Telemedine hospital amis nurse doctor healthcare bed patient

Omnicell XT integration

This integration improves the medication safety up to the patient’s bedside, by providing a closed-loop medication workflow.

nurse scan patient wristband epd hospital workflow

Mobile ECG measurements

A computer based ECG solution can be connected to AMiS.

From carestation to personal assistant

Work cost-effectively. With a fully integrated workstation, which serves as a hub for all nursing equipment and connects all devices directly to the EHR. Not only does this reduce the need for large investments in multiple carts, additional battery systems and extra EHR connections. It provides immediate value-for-money as well.

Improve safety

Work Safer. With an intelligent solution, which ensures that only patient-specific data can be viewed, vital values ​​are directly stored in the EHR, and only one medication drawer opens when a patient’s wristband is scanned. This way, both the nurse and the doctor immediately have the correct information, with considerably less chance of making mistakes.

amis-X professional all-in-one carestation physician bed patient
‘Before, 20% of a nurse’s working time was spent walking between the patient room, office and the medicine room’
John Ahonen

Hospital pharmacist, KUH

”Everything is locked away, which means that the AMiS can just be left at the ward. This relieves nurses of the job of having to walk to the medication room all the time, since most of the medication is at hand.”
Ninee Drum

Nurse, Maastricht University Medical Center

”The process of linking AMiS-PRO to the EHR system went very smoothly.”

Jay Barendse

Project Manager, Bravis Hospital

Our products for an optimized workflow


          • Smart medication dispensing
          • Integrated vital measurements
          • All-in-one carestation


AMiSconnect Computer on wheels


          • EHR integration
          • Workflow optimization
          • Device connectivity


          • Flexible workplace
          • Mobile EHR access

Our products for improved workflow



          • Smart medication dispensing
          • Integrated vital measurements
          • All-in-one carestation



          • Flexible workplace
          • Mobile EHR access

All-in-one Clinical Carestation

AMiS-PRO is a professional mobile carestation that is fully equipped with a smart medication dispensing solution and all necessary measuring equipment.

Computer on Wheels AMiS-X

Flexible mobile workplace with easy mobile access to the EHR

AMiS-X is a flexible mobile workplace that provides easy mobile access to the EHR. AMiS-X is perfectly suited for patient visiting rounds by physicians.

Product AMiS-X

AMiS fully connected with the EHR system

AMiS has a seamless integration with the EHR system via the AMiSconnect software. With AMiSconnect, the AMiS and integrated medical devices are fully connected to the EHR system.

AMiSconnect workflow optimization for nurses hopital nursing

Optimize the hospital workflow

By integrating AMiS and medical devices with the EHR system the nurse can save time, work smarter, improve efficiency and enable better care.

nurse medication scan patient medication dispensing device

The Smartest Medication Dispensing Solutions

MedSafe, the medication dispensing solutions of AMiS, maximizes the medication safety at the nursing department from pharmacy to patient.

nurse vital signs measurement patient bloodpressure color

Vital Signs Measurements

By integrating the measurement device on the AMiS, the nursing workflow can be optimized.

nurse scan patient wristband epd hospital workflow

ECG Computer Integration

With AMiS and an integrated computer based ECG solution you have a cardiograph computer ECG 2.0 in hand.

Telemedine hospital amis nurse doctor healthcare meeting

Telemedicine integration

With the AMiS Telemedicine Solutions the healthcare professional can have video consultations or carry out examinations in any room of the hospital or clinic.