Using an ECG solution on AMiS

A computer based ECG solution can be connected to AMiS. in this way a full digital workflow with integration to EHR and VNA for patient demographics and secure exam storage can be established. Nurses are not forced to use multiple mobile equipment any more. Working more efficiently and time saving by using an all-in-one mobile carestation instead.

ECG computer connection with the EHR
via AMiSconnect

The ECG software-suite enables a direct connection of the computer based ECG to the EHR system. Nurses start the measurement directly on the AMiS in the EHR-system without additional log-in or patient identification. The computer based ECG device is connected and the exam for the chosen patient can start. The measurement results will be automatically stored in the correct patient file. 

All-in-one mobile carestation

AMiS provides an all-in-one solution for the nurse, when equipment like portable ECG devices, Vital Signs monitors or  medication dispensing units are connected to the mobile carestation. Furthermore, the data on the ECG computer is automatically stored in the EHR and is available for easy interpretation. For even more convenience in the nursing workflow, there is a user-friendly ECG computer interface. A mobile carestation combined with an ECG computer creates efficiency, is time-saving, improves patient safety and makes the nurse happy. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What kind of exams can you implement?

Resting and stress-ECG are the most common exams for a mobile solution.

Can I connect multiple devices on AMiS?

Yes, AMiS is an all in one clinical carestation. AMIS has the possibility of connecting multiple devices, like ECG devices and a Vital Signs measurement device. Please contact us for more information.