Workflow Optimization

Workflow Optimization

Optimize nursing workflows by integrating the AMiS and medical devices with the EPR system. AMiSconnect brings a smooth, safe and efficient workflow for the nurse.

Up to 40 minutes
time saving

No mistakes in vital signs &
ECG measurements

medication bins

Highly improved
medication safety

Always accurate information
in the EPR system



1. Nurse identification

The nurse is identified after log-in with a personal badge.

2. myHeight

AMiSconnect myHeight adjusts AMiS automatically to the correct ergonomic working height (based on centrally stored data).

3. Patient identification

The nurse identifies the patient and the EPR system automatically opens the correct patient file.


AMiSconnect ViTALS automatically stores measurements in the correct patient file after validation.

5. MedSafe

AMiSconnect MedSafe opens the patient-specific bin directly from the EPR system.

Technical Specifications

Platform architecture

Support multiple nursing processes, requiring multiple devices, with one connectivity platform:

  • One EMR connection for full connectivity.
  • No local installation required.
Virtual desktop compatibility

Virtual Desktop Infrastructures are supported. AMiSconnect only requires central installation of software, making it perfectly compatible to VDI environments.

User management

User management can be done via:

  • Active Directory connection
  • AMiSconnect User Management
Information integration

Our software connects to the EPR system for up to date patient demographics and storage of vital observations.
This integration is achieved via the standardized HL7 protocol:

  • HL7-ADT (Patient demographics)
  • HL7-ORU (Vital observations storage)

* This integration on information-level is required for the MedSafe-IL and ViTALS app

Device compatibility

Multiple devices and brands are supported. This enables an optimized nursing workflow through one connectivity platform.

Logging & statistics

All user actions are logged and presented in a web-based AMiSconnect Dashboard. Statistics are presented to gain insight in the nursing workflows in your hospital.

User authentication

Users can authenticate in the software platform via:

  • Pin
  • Employee badge
  • SSO provider connection
  • Integrated in EPR
Workflow integration

By implementing a button in your EPR-software, the AMiSconnect apps can be used directly from the EPR. This eliminates double log-in for the nurse and double identification of the patient.

Through the connection via our http-API, the user- and patient-ID are transferred to the platform to optimize the nursing workflow.  

The workflow optimization that makes the nurse happy!

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