Video Camera Integration


The Camera Integration on AMiS-X delivers premium optics and life-like video to create the experience of sitting together in the same room, even if you are a thousand miles away. With this integration the system enables video conference and video calling on an ergonomic mobile solution.

“With the Camera Integration physicians can assist remotely and it saves a lot of inefficient traveling hours!”


Wide shot with a 90° diagonal field of view


10x zoom lens with autofocus


Crystal-clear audio


Easy to clean and disinfect


+ An HD camera is mounted above the monitor. Using the remote control, it can be rotated in two directions and zoomed up to 10x.

+ The system enables video conference and video calling from the AMiS. 

+ The speaker/microphone set can be placed on the work surface of the AMiS. It has a range of 6 meters and includes echo and noise reduction.

+ Integrated software with Artifical Intelligence (AI) detects faces. Several people can be screened simultaneously. After use, it can be stored in the drawer unit.

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