Meander Medical Centre

Happy with the arrival of AMiS-PRO!

At the end of October, all nursing wards of the Meander Medical Centre in Amersfoort were equipped with brand-new AMiS-PRO’s. Marcel Loomans (IT purchaser for Meander) and the senior nurses Jip Lubberink and Samira Yürümez were involved in the process that ultimately resulted in opting for this state-of-the-art, multi-functional, mobile clinical carestation.

The Meander Medical Centre decided earlier this year that the computer on wheels (COWs) purchased in 2013 needed replacing. Representatives from Meander travelled to Alphatron Medical in Rotterdam for an introduction and presentation of AMiS-PRO and were very enthusiastic. 

Meander Happy nurse with AMiS-PRO all in one clinical cow

We decided to investigate whether purchasing the AMiS-PRO would be feasible for the hospital. Marcel Loomans: ‘In the end, Alphatron was able to convince us: in the long term, it made more sense to invest in new carestations, rather than to spend money on updating our seven-year-old COWs. The benefits of AMiS-PRO are that they are new and fully up-to-date from a technical perspective, which means that they will last a very long while.’ This last aspect was particularly important to Marcel Loomans.

“Thanks to the active mode of the monitor, I can now update the administration and make eye contact with the patient at the same time.’

Jip Lubberink

Senior nurse, Meander Medical Centre

Improved patient interaction

The nurses Jip Lubberink and Samira Yürümez were involved in the process of determining the configuration of AMiS-PRO. They are both very happy about the arrival of this mobile carestation in their hospital. ‘AMiS-PRO is much more than what we had initially. The previous system was literally a computer with keyboard on wheels,’ explains Jip Lubberink. He thinks that the active (touch)mode of the monitor is a major advantage of the AMiS-PRO. ‘As a nurse, I spend my days in contact with the patients. Thanks to the active mode, I can now update the administration and make eye contact with the patient at the same time. I am in contact with the patient and that is really important to me, as a nurse.’ ‘And you can move the monitor so that the patient can look at the imaging,’ adds Samira Yürümez. ‘The active mode of the monitor also makes it easier to move around. You fold the screen down and you can move through the hallways without bumping into things. And the light weight and manoeuvrability of the AMiS-PRO make this very easy. This carestation is user friendly and very ergonomical. For example, consider the myHeight feature. I log in with my employee badge and AMiS-PRO automatically switches to the ergonomical working height that I have previously set. And when Jip logs in, it adjusts to his height. Isn’t that great?!’

”The nurse is granted access to the system via their employee badge. Once the nurse is logged into the system, the bins are unlocked by one mouse click. Only authorized nurses get access to the medication.”

Marcel Loomans

IT Purchaser, Meander Medical Centre

Smart medication solution

Jip Lubberink and Samira Yürümez explain that a lot of attention has been paid to the development of the medication solution. The medication solution was made to order, based on the specific requirements of the hospital. ‘We worked together with Hospital pharmacists to find the correct configuration for the medication bins. The lay-out and height of the bins were very important in this process. Each department needs to be able to store the required stock in the bins. And that varies per department. For example, the Orthopaedics department uses very different medication than the Department of gastro-intestinal and liver diseases, where they use various drinks. 

nurse multi functional mobile clinical carestation computer on wheels medication cart

These bottles need to be transported upright and do not fit in the standard bins. A suitable configuration of the bins was developed based on these types of requirements. It was great that Alphatron Medical worked with us to develop these bins and created a lay-out to suit our specific needs. Everything is custom-made!’ ‘That includes the opening of the bins,’ explains Marcel Loomans. ‘The nurse is granted access to the system via their employee badge. Once the nurse is logged into the system, the bins are unlocked by one mouse click. Only authorized nurses get access to the medication. This is much more convenient than the previous system, where each COW had its own four-digit code to open the medication bins. The nurses had to remember all these codes, which was almost impossible! And anyone who knew the code had access… which was not desirable.’

Medication dispensing

AMiS-PRO has been equipped with AMiSconnect MedSafe, to ensure continuous, secure dispensing of medication. The access by the nurse is authorized, the medication dispensing is fully integrated in the EPR and the medication bins are unlocked after pressing on the button. One option is that only the patient-specific bin is opened. ‘That is something that I would like to have in the future’, says Jip Lubberink. ‘Of course that would improve the medication safety.’

Ready for the future

For the time being, Meander has opted for a relatively simple version of AMiS-PRO, which can be expanded in years to come with all sorts of integrations and accessories. Jip Lubberink and Samira Yürümez have a wish list for the future. ‘For example, the hand-held scanner for patient identification, a blood glucose meter and a label printer. Or that integration of vitals that makes the readings of the patient’s vital measurements immediately available on the carestation and saves them automatically in the EPR (AMiSconnect ViTALS, ed.). It would be fantastic if we can implement that! It will save time, prevent errors and make things so much easier. I hope that we can move in that direction in the future.

Pro-active IT management

Marcel Loomans explains that the hospital has decided to purchase the AMiSconnect Fleet Manager module with the AMiS-PRO. ‘This was a conscious decision. This control option provides the IT department with a real-time overview of the status of all AMiS-PRO machines. For example, they can check the battery status or see for each AMiS-PRO whether a malfunction has occurred and if so, what has happened; a complete overview. I am very pleased about this, as this will allow us to manage the devices pro-actively. This was impossible in the past. Our Service Department often had to walk all the way from their department to the other side of the building to resolve a problem. Our service employees often did not know where each COW was located and this resulted in a lengthy search. Now they can monitor everything remotely and control the devices in a professional and clear-cut manner. That will save a lot of time! In that regard we are also very happy with the arrival of AMiS-PRO,’ the IT purchaser concluded.


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