New hospital in Bratislava fully equipped with AMiS-PRO and AMiS-X

Next Generation Hospital Nemocnica Bory is a brand-new hospital in Bratislava, Slovakia. After a long period with intensive cooperation, the complete hospital is rolled out with AMiS-PRO for the nursing workflows and AMiS-X for the doctors. In total 54 AMiS-PRO’s are in use in the hospital and 31 AMiS-X. X. Additionally,
8 transportation carts are used for medication transport to and from the central pharmacy.

Bory Hospital prioritizes providing premier healthcare services within its region, striving to maintain a top tier status among hospitals. As a member of the Penta Hospital Group, Bory Hospital benefits from advanced digitalization. The facility boasts 300 individual patient rooms and a number of specialized wards.

Nursing workflows and suitable equipment

In Bory, they utilize the AMiS PRO equipped with the MedSafe collective lock system. The objective is to ensure accurate logging for monitoring medication security. The configuration of drawers has been tailored to suit individual ward’s needs, factoring in the number of patients and general medication requirements.
Additionally, the incorporation of a vital signs monitor (Mindray VS) streamlines nursing procedures by eliminating the need for multiple carts. This efficiency saves time and allows nurses to maintain a seamless workflow at the patient’s bedside. Furtherm ore, accessories such as glove holders and storage boxes are customized to specifically meet the demands of Bory hospital.


Meander Happy nurse with AMiS-PRO all in one clinical cow
“It helps to have the right people involved in the process from the beginning, to make sure the hospital has got the best AMiS solution!”

From central pharmacy to patient’s bedside

The Bory Central Pharmacy employs a patient specific blistering process, offering comprehensive control over medication management. To enhance workflow efficiency for nurses, the hospital sought to extend the medication process directly to the patient’s bedside. Both the pharmacist and head nurse collaborated closely in designing this integrated approach. 

Utilizing the patient specific MedSafe drawers, medication is carefully stocked and securely
transported to the wards using dedicated AMiS Transportation carts. Nurses are then only required to swap medication bins once daily, streamlining the distribution process and ensuring optimal workflow management.

Preparation phase

During the preparation phase, Bory hospital collaborated closely with Alphatron Medical, fostering an intensive cooperation. Alphatron provided invaluable support in configuring the systems accurately, ensuring alignment with the hospital’s needs. Together, a comprehensive overview of required equipment and objectives was established. The Bory project group played a pivotal role in supporting and implementing this initiative.

The involvement of key personnel was vital to achieving optimal outcomes. From the hospital’s side, individuals such as the Director of Nursing, Head Pharmacist, Chief Information Officer, Logistics Manager, and Clinical IT Director were actively engaged in the process, ensuring that the project was guided by expertise and perspective from various relevant domains.

Software Implementation

The software implementation proceeded seamlessly thanks to the concerted efforts of dedicated project teams from both Bory and Alphatron. Following the kick-off, the technical requirements were swiftly delivered, facilitating a rapid implementation process. Within just two weeks, the implementation was successfully completed and rolled out across all wards, ensuring a timely and efficient deployment of the AMiSconnect platform and MedSafe Collective Lock Intelligent application.

Training as key for successful go-live

During an on-site training session, the nursing staff received detailed explanations on how the setup functions and were briefed on the various advantages and tips/tricks for effective utilization. Simultaneously, a technical training session was conducted for the Hospital IT and Service departments. This training aimed to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure proper maintenance and service of the carts throughout their operational lifespan.


Meander Happy nurse with AMiS-PRO all in one clinical cow

The medication workflow in Nemocnica Bory

Locations of the AMiS-PRO in Bory Hospital were defined on the map:

One-day surgery; 4 AMiS-PRO

Outpatient procedural area; 5 AMiS-PRO

Central operating rooms; 3 AMiS-PRO

Delivery unit; 2 AMiS-PRO


And on the ward:

Each ward (36 patient rooms) operates with 4 AMiS-PRO SmartCarts.

Working safer and more efficient?

Our safe and efficient solution for nurses comprises the mobile care station AMiS-PRO , which seamlessly integrates the MedSafe medication solution and Vital Signs monitoring capabilities. Enhancing this setup is the AMiSconnect software, designed to establish full connectivity between the AMiS-PRO and the patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR). This comprehensive integration streamlines nursing workflows, ensuring accurate medication management and vital signs monitoring while providing seamless access to patient records for informed decision-making



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