The vision

Creating flow in healthcare

Alphatron Medical Innovations developed AMiS to simplify and streamline the daily routines of nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals to make sure they can devote more time and attention to their core task: providing care to their patients.

Alphatron Medical Innovations developed the AMiS to simplify and streamline care processes for nurses.

AMiS: The Digital Revolution in Nursing
Processes in Nursing Care are not optimized yet. Nurses are forced to work with different devices, that each require new logins and patient identification many times a day. Patient rounds are inefficient and there is hardly time for personal attention and a friendly chat. The mobile workstations used by healthcare professionals in their patient rounds could deliver better results. By taking full advantage of the possibilities offered by an integrated workstation, they can improve efficiency and safety and thereby enable better care.

Working smarter, faster, safer. Especially when it comes to nursing care, this is of vital importance. In fact, to ensure truly patient-focused nursing care today and in the future, a digital revolution is necessary in nursing. This can be done, by fully integrating robotics into the nurses daily workflow. Intelligently, efficiently, safely, and personally. With AMiS, this can become reality, for your hospital as well.