Medication Integration

Closing the gap of the last 50 meters to the patient’s bedside with MedSafe.

Medication Integration

The last 50 meters of the closed-loop process (from pharmacy to patient) is an underestimated topic. The intelligent MedSafe medication solution is an answer for this gap. It maximizes the medication safety at the nursing department. The built-in intelligence ensures a safe and efficient workflow.

“MedSafe is closing the gap of the last 50 meters of the medication dispensing process in the hospital.”

MedSafe modularity

A maximum of six levels per medication box can be configured on AMiS-PRO. On AMiS-X a maximum of three levels per medication box can be configured.

Three different types of bins are available. From a single patient bin to a large bin for extra storage. AMiS-PRO has a maximum availability of 24 bins and AMiS-X has a maximum availability of 12 bins.


Authorization Options

MedSafe is available in two different technology versions.



Unlocks all medication drawers by badge or directly from the EPR



Unlocks only the patient specific drawer automatically from the EPR

AMiSconnect MedSafe

AMiSconnect MedSafe

Via AMiSconnect MedSafe the medication module is fully controlled by software. MedSafe provides access to the medication box or patient-specific bins, directly from the EPR. The user authorization for medication access will always be checked. Every user action will also be logged and presented in the AMiSconnect dashboard. With MedSafe you make medication dispensing safe and completely integrated in the EPR.

Benefits AMiS-PRO + AMiSconnect

AMiS-PRO + AMiSconnect

+ Search for correct bin is not necessary
+ No patient labels required
+ Nurse uses only one cart

+ Constant medication security
+ Highly improved medication safety
+ Central authorization management
+ Logging & statistics of all user actions

Up to 25 minutes time saving
per nurse per shift

Highly improved
medication safety

secured medication

Medication Logistics

For every situation in the hospital or care institution, AMiS offers its own logistics solution to transport medication from the pharmacy to the wards.

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