Fever Camera Integration


The Fever Screening Camera measures the skin temperature of visitors with high accuracy. Due to a fast, initial and contactless fever screening you can accurately determine fever on people passing by. The integration on AMiS-X makes the solution perfectly suited for mobile use.

“Protects the clinic, the staff and ensures a safe (clinical) environment.”


Non-contact, long distance and accurate. Reduces possibilities of contamination.


Automatic alarms, less operational personal needed.


Multiple product types, easy to roll out, suitable for various scenarios.


Combine temperature and image to identify a person with fever easily.


+  Non-contact fever screening for rapid initial identification of personnel/patients/visitors with elevated body temperature.

+ Increasing the accuracy of fever screening by using a software with Artificial Intelligence (AI), for the automatic detection of Faces, so that several people can be evaluated at the same time

+ Automatic audible alarm, minimum deployment, 24/7 stand-by

+ Use in entrance areas, corridors or wards

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